DuPont invests in new research facility, ethanol plant in Iowa

The DuPont-Johnson Innovation Center Agricultural innovations that help farmers succeed

DuPont opened its second innovation center in Johnston with plans to break ground this fall on a new research facility that will add 100 new jobs to the Des Moines area.

It also is investing more than $200 million in a Nevada, Iowa, ethanol production plant.  It’s expected to employ 60 workers, and during the construction phase, create more than 1,000 jobs.

The innovation center, the second in the nation and 12th in the world, will focus on the company’s unique integrated science capabilities across the food, agriculture and energy markets.

“Dupont has a history of innovation and scientific discovery. We are creating solutions to address the worlds big challenges of feeding and protecting a growing global population and reducing the reliance on fossil fuels,” Chairwoman and CEO Ellen Kullman said.

Dupont news release

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