Ames startup readies PetMeasure for market

AMES, Iowa — Maher Technologies is an Ames startup that has developed PetMeasure, a dog collar that enables veterinarians and animal owners to remotely monitor an animal’s core temperature and ambient humidity. The goal of the system is to provide an early warning system for health problems.

The startup was formed in September 2014 and has established offices at the Iowa State University Research Park in Ames.  According to the website, the company sees a need for the product for service dogs, military and police dogs, and older animals at risk for health problems.

The Iowa Economic Development Authority recently awarded PetMeasure a $25,000 grant through the Proof of Commercial Relevance Fund for prototype testing and validation activities. The purpose of the fund is to support new technologies that have been proven through the concept stage and are ready to further developed for market.

Source: Iowa Economic Development Authority

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