HLT bringing to market new test prep apps

CORALVILLE, Iowa – Higher Learning Technologies has won a $300,000 loan from the Iowa Economic Development Authority to help bring to market a new educational software product, including hiring key personnel.

HLT started in Coralville in 2012 with a single mobile app to help dental students studying for  licensure exams. More recently, HLT created an app that helps students prepare for the nursing licensure exam. NCLEX RN Mastery, which was ranked among Google and Apple’s top sellers last year. Today, their products include mobile apps for a variety of test prep and education purposes.

The IEDA loan is offered Iowa Innovation Acceleration Fund. The fund promotes the formation and growth of businesses that engage in the transfer of technology into competitive, profitable companies that create high-paying jobs. It is designed to support commercializing research, launching new start-ups and accelerating private investment and industrial expansion efforts that result in significant capital investment.

In an article in Silicon Prairie News, Alec Whitters, HLT co-founder, said he plans to expand with educational apps for additional areas of study and to create applications for desktops as the company grows.

Source: Iowa Economic Development Authority

Source: Silicon Prairie News

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