East Penn set to create 350 jobs in Oelwein

OELWEIN, Iowa – East Penn Manufacturing plans to expand its facility in Oelwein, investing $64 million  and creating 350 jobs in Northeast Iowa.

East Penn is a manufacturer of specialty batteries and accessories for agricultural, automotive, commercial, marine, and industrial markets. The company currently operates a distribution center in Oelwein with about 80 employees. The expansion project will include construction of new facilities in the Oelwein Industrial Park for as well as modifications in road access, water, gas, communication and electrical upgrades.

The Iowa Economic Development Authority has awarded East Penn $1,750,000 in direct financial assistance as well as tax benefits through the state’s High Quality Jobs Program. The company expects the new plant will begin operations late next year or early 2017.

Source: Iowa Economic Development Authority

Source: KCRG

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