BOGO Bowl wins award to break into new markets

DES MOINES, Iowa — BOGO Bowl, a Des Moines-based pet food startup, has received a grant of $25,000 from the Iowa Economic Development Authority.

BOGO Bowl opened for business in 2012. The company sells pet food almost exclusively online. The company plans to use the grant to prove the commercial viability of a single-serving pet food line to be offered at convenience stores.

The award comes in the form of a Proof of Commercial Relevance grant. The Proof of Commercial Relevance Fund provides financial assistance to innovative businesses that are pursuing proof of commercial relevance and marketability of a technology. The fund is designed to assist businesses with the rigors of the proof of commercial relevance stage, which includes defining the market for the product and perfecting the product to meet market needs.

Sara Henderson, founder of BOGO Bowl, is also founder of the Midwest Pet Project. She founded BOGO based on the notion of “buy one, give one.” For each bag of pet food a customer buys, the company donates another bag to an organization in the customer’s area. In an article in The Des Moines Register, Henderson said her biggest goal is to make sure that no animal shelter or food pantry has to pay for pet food ever again.

Source: Iowa Economic Development Authority

Source: The Des Moines Register

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