Mississippi River commerce valued at $400B

DUBUQUE, Iowa — Commerce along the Mississippi River supports more than $400 billion in economic activity, according to a new report from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The report, which was requested by a group of mayors meeting in Dubuque, said that the river fuels 1.3 million jobs, mostly in manufacturing, agriculture and tourism.

The mayors attended a three-day meeting of the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative. The group met to explore ways to improve water quality along the river. Representatives of the Iowa Agricultural Water Alliance met with the mayors. The alliance is a group formed by the Iowa Pork Producers, the Iowa Soybean Association and the Iowa Corn Growers.

A spokesman for the mayors’ group said it is vital for the group to work with agriculture to control pollution in the Mississippi River. The river provides drinking water for more than 20 million residents.

Source: Des Moines Register

Source: Radio Iowa

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