MetaCommunications wants 25 new hires in Iowa City

IOWA CITY, Iowa – MetaCommunications, an Iowa City software company, plans to hire an additional 25 people in the next year.

MetaCommunications creates workflow automation software for marketing and creativity teams. The company recently brought in $8 million in investment — most of it from Iowa venture capital groups.

In a news release, MetaCommunications CEO Bob Long said the new funding will accelerate the company’s growth, putting “more feet on the street.”

Most of the new hires will work in MetaCommunications’ Iowa City headquarters. Currently, MetaCommunications has 64 employees worldwide.

The Series A investment round was led by Next Level Ventures, a venture capital fund based in Des Moines, and St. Martin Land Co., an investment firm in Cedar Rapids.

MetaCommunications  customers include Fortune 500 members, such as Merck, Pfizer, Allstate, Diageo and USA TODAY.

“Meta has shown it has all of the needed elements to become a powerhouse growth story for Iowa and we want to be a part of that story,” said Craig Ibsen, managing principal of Next Level Ventures.

Source: The Iowa City Press-Citizen

Source: MetaCommunications

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