CF Industries project employs 4,000 in Sioux City, looks for more

SIOUX CITY, Iowa — CF Industries has about 3,600 construction workers on site expanding its Sioux City fertilizer plant, and contractors plan to recruit an additional 400 hands for this fall’s peak construction period.

Nick DeRoos, project director for the expansion and general manager for CF’s Port Neal nitrogen complex, told the Sioux City Rotary Club construction is about 50 percent complete and is expected to continue through the winter.

DeRoos said inclement weather has slowed the project, requiring contractors to run crews overtime while they recruit additional hands. A second shift of about 600 have been at work under lights through this summer.

CF, the world’s largest manufacturer of nitrogen fertilizer, broke ground in fall 2013 with a targeted completion date sometime in the first quarter of 2016. Capital investment was projected at $2 billion at the time, representing the single largest capital expenditure in Iowa history. CF expects the expansion will triple the plant’s production of ammonia, the basic building block for nitrogen-based fertilizer. The company will convert most of the additional ammonia to produce 3,850 tons per day of granular urea, a dry form of nitrogen fertilizer.

The increase in construction employment, along with CF’s capital expenditures, has sparked a sizeable increase in local spending in Siouxland. The project has also created a bubble in the local market for rental housing, with more temporary workers expected in the coming months.

Source: Sioux City Journal

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