RIE Coatings opening new production facility, adding jobs in Dubuque (IA)

DUBUQUE, Iowa — RIE Coatings announced plans to open a new production facility in Dubuque with operations slated to begin July 1, 2016. The company will hire 12-15 employees initially and occupy approximately 25,000 square feet of space at 5301 Chavenelle Road, Dubuque, Iowa.

RIE Coatings applies coatings from a diverse group of manufacturers to ensure the protection and performance of a variety of materials including magnesium, magnets, steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and composites. At their Dubuque facility, the company will be supplying coatings to customers throughout Iowa, Illinois and Indiana.

“We are excited to have Dubuque as our new production facility. As our second satellite location, Dubuque fully supports our overall growth strategy in multiple ways. Establishing satellite facilities near our customers allows us to offer more efficient and effective service to our current customers along with the ability to support new customers in the Dubuque area,” said Mark Rigby, Chief Executive Officer of RIE Coatings.

This project is an excellent example of a key component of our national marketing strategy of pursuing supply chain opportunities; which also develops a competitive network and infrastructure for our existing industries. During our InfoAction interviews, Greater Dubuque Development has received feedback from existing metal fabrication companies that there is a substantial need for a company that provides specialty coatings.

For Greater Dubuque Development, collaboration with local partners was essential to make this project a reality. Working with Hodge Company who made the capital improvements to the facility, the City of Dubuque who assisted with the permitting process, and Northeast Iowa Community College to administer employee training through the Iowa New Jobs Training Program assured the company that Dubuque was the right location for their expansion. Mark Seckman, Vice President of National Marketing, was the lead on this new addition to our corporate family.

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Source:  Greater Dubuque Development Corporation

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