Health-focused consumer targeted with Simply Essentials chicken plant purchase, hiring 250

CHARLES CITY, Iowa — Simply Essentials, LLC announces the purchase of the Cedar River Poultry chicken processing plant in Charles City, Iowa. The company will invest in excess of 30 million dollars with plans to reopen the plant in the fall of 2016. Once open, the plant will be a state-of-the-art, innovative chicken processing plant producing high-quality, premium chicken products that meet the demands of the health-focused consumer.

Simply Essentials chicken is the first chicken to feature the flavor and health benefits derived from Simply Essentials’ proprietary flax seed diet. This USDA Process Verified flax seed diet naturally raises the level of Omega-3 fatty acids in the protein by up to 400% while also lowering the cholesterol by up to 40%. Additionally, the plant is being designed with leading edge Air Chilled processing technology that results in superior flavor. Air Chilling is an innovative process in the US that uses cold air to individually Chill the chicken throughout the process instead of conventional processing that Chills the birds in a common bath of chlorine water. Air Chilled processing locks in flavor, not water, which produces better tasting protein. The end result is a protein that is rich, juicy, safer and better tasting and better for you.

“Charles City welcomes Simply Essentials, the company has purchased the local poultry plant and will be investing over $30 million and creating at a minimum, over 250 new jobs,” said Mayor Jim Erb, Charles City. “They are committed to being good partners in the community by meeting all operational and environmental standards and working with local suppliers.” To put some perspective on how the plant will positively impact the community, it will require over 200,000 tons of grain annually from local farmers. Contact Simply Essentials for jobs here.

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